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Kingdom Hearts Celeste Edition Chapter 2 by Katelynofhearts
Kingdom Hearts Celeste Edition Chapter 2
"I cannot believe I used up all of my allowance trying to get a stuffed animal." Effie moaned pressing her face onto her desk. It was lunch time and she was still sulking about how she wasn't able to get any prizes at the arcade. 
"I'm sure you could go buy that plush somewhere." I said trying to make her feel better.
"You don't understand!" She exclaimed sitting up and throwing her fist into the air dramatically. "The connection between a person and a toy they achieved with their own sweat and tears is far greater than the bond between a person and a store bought toy!"
"Ok ok I get it. Now please lower your volume, everyone can hear you." Looking around the classroom I could see that all eyes were on us, not that Effies outbursts were anything new. The group sitting next to us broke into small fits of giggles before they went back to their own conversation.
"Who cares if people can hear me, its not like I'm saying anything bad. Something like..." Effie started with an evil smirk on her face. "Celeste has a birthmark shaped like a heart on her---" 
"Nonononononononono" I interjected, jumping up from my seat to throw my hands over her mouth. This time instead of just one group laughing at us, it was the entire class. "Jerk." I muttered under my breath. 
"Sorry, sorry." Effie chuckled. "i didn't mean to be so loud. If you want you can yell one of my secrets. I dont mind!"
"Of course you don't mind, you don't have secrets." I said jabbing her in the arm with my elbow. "You tell everyone everything about yourself."
"I'm an interesting person, the world has the right to know." 
"You are indeed interesting." I teased before we both started laughing. "I'm going to the restroom. I'll be right back." I said standing up and leaving the classroom. 
        Fairwood isn't a large school, there are only about 400 students total attending. There are two floors, the bottom one being for the freshman and sophomores, and the second one being for juniors and seniors. The cafeteria and gym are in a separate building, so It is usually easier to just stay in the classroom and eat there. Effie and I are currently sophomores at the beginning of the school year, and already we are having quizzes and tests thrown at us. I'm completely average when it comes to my scores, not great, but not bad either. In fact, once lunch is over we have yet another test to take. I let out a deep sigh as I walk into the girls bathroom. Once I finish I go over to the sink to wash my hands. Looking up at my reflection I notice there was a movement in the shadows behind me. A rat? Gross, I'll tell the janitor before a group of girls walk in and start shrieking. I turn the door handle, but it wouldn't open.
"What the?" I mutter to myself. I try wiggling the handle a few more times, even throwing my weight against it, but to no avail. "Hello? I've been locked in! Can someone help me?" I yell banging my fist against the door. I wait for a short while hearing nothing from the other side. This is really strange. 
       I turn around to look around the room that I am trapped in. There are four stalls that are perfectly aligned with four sinks. There are no windows anywhere, which means I cannot yell to anyone outside. When I took a step forward the shadow in the corner moved again. That can't be a rat, its way to big. But if it isn't a rat then what is it? Curiosity got the better of me and I shuffled over to where the shadow was. When I was about two feet from it I could make out what it looked like. It was on the round side and stood on two feet. It was about a foot tall with beady yellow eyes. The feature that stuck out to me the most though was that it didn't seem to have a mouth. Before I could react it jumped at me. With a shriek I fell to the ground throwing my arms up in front of my face in defense. "Stop it!" I yelled. I'm sure this thing doesn't understand english, but what else could I do?
       The shadow creature turned around and went into what looked like a pouncing position. Is this thing going to keep attacking me? What do I do? I throw my arms up yet again in some kind of self defense. I close my eyes, expecting some kind of impact that never came. Instead I felt something heavy appear in my hands. Opening my eyes I looked down to see a strangely familiar object. It was a grey key, but it had a hilt and was as long as a sword. Haven't I seen this before?
"Keyblade." I said to myself. I can't explain why, but I know what this is called, and how I should use it. Directing my attention back to the shadow I see that it is not the only one. Hiding in the darkness of the room I could make out about a dozen more of them. Well I can't run, and no one seems to be coming to help me. I have no choice but to fight these things. Taking the keyblade into both hands I step back into a fighting pose that I took from a samurai movie. There are so many of them though. I don't think I can do this. I have to though, these things could kill me. Shakily, I run up to the creature closest to me and use the keyblade to bash it on the head like a whack-a-mole. The creature vanished upon impact giving me a little more confidence. It's a game, just pretend this is a game I told myself. The next few minutes went along the same way. I would awkwardly swing the keyblade around hoping that I was lucky enough to hit something. After hitting what I think was my eleventh one I fell to my knees out of breath. Looking around I don't see anymore of them, but for all I know they could be hiding. I let go of the keyblade before it vanished into thin air, much like the creatures did. 
"What's going on in there!?" I jumped when I heard a deep voice yelling from outside the bathroom. A few seconds ago It was completely silent but now I could hear a large crowd of people from the other side of the door. With a large bang the door flung open revealing the P.E. teacher as well as a herd of students pushing and looking over each other in order to see what has transpired. 
"Thank you." I breathed. "I don't know what happened. The door was stuck then---" 
"What on earth!?" He yelled storming into the bathroom. "Young lady you are going to the main office right now." At first I was confused, until I looked around the room. The mirror was completely shattered and broken shards we in the sink and sprawled all over the floor. The trashcan was still slowly rolling on the ground spilling out all of its contents. The doors to the stalls were bent and obviously beaten. 
"Wait a minute. This isn't my fault. I swear!" I pleaded running up to my P.E. teacher. "There were these shadows and I was attacked, I was only defending myself!"
          He shot me a disgusted look before grabbing my forearm. "Save your nonsense for the principle and your parents. Here I though you were just some shy awkward kid. What on earth possessed you to make you do this?" Dragging me out of the room he continued to yell, not allowing me to get a word in otherwise. 
"Celeste?" I hear from behind me. Effie was shoving her way through the stream of kids giving me a look full of confusion. 
"Please believe me." Was all I could mouth to her before I burst into tears. 
Kingdom Hearts Celeste Edition Chapter 1 by Katelynofhearts
Kingdom Hearts Celeste Edition Chapter 1
  I shot up from my bed in a cold sweat. "What was that?" I ask myself while trying to catch my breath. I never had a dream that intense before. I looked out my window while trying to collect myself. Outside was not much to look at, it was a building that looked completely identical to the one I lived in. The window across from mine was shut, and the only eye catching thing was the pink curtains with clouds on it. 
"I guess she's still asleep." I sighed. I threw my feet around the side of the bed while grabbing my glasses.I tried to pry my pajamas off my sticky skin with an annoying grunt. "Gross, I sweat this much?" I need a shower. Leaving my room I walked down the hallway to find the bathroom door locked. 
"Occupied!" Called a deep voice from inside.
"Caleb I need a shower. Real bad." I added hoping he would understand how badly I needed it. 
"You should have woken up earlier then. I'm about to jump in." He replied with a snort. 
"Take a short one"
"No way sis, shower time is the only time I can sing without being booed."
"Weirdo" I retorted. Caleb is impossible to talk too, he never makes sense and finds it funny when I'm upset. "I just need five minutes. I'm all gross and sweaty." I pleaded.
The door creaked open, but before I could do anything a towel was flung out of the room hitting my right in the face. 
"There, that should fix it." He laughed before he started the shower. I sighed in defeat and trudged back to my room. Caleb is my brother, only two years older than me. He likes to think he is funny when in reality, he is just a pain. Unlike the typical older brother he is far from responsible. He plays mean jokes on his siblings constantly. Pranks like telling us he was dying and could only be "cured" if he rested while we did his chores. My thoughts were interrupted  by a tap on my shoulder, Startled, I squeaked and spun around to come face to face with my younger brother. 
"Eren!" I breathed. "Don't sneak up on me!"
"I called you a few times but you didn't respond." My younger brother Eren responded. He was the same height as me, and yet I tend to overlook him. I don't do it, It is just he is very quiet. 
"Oh, I'm really sorry. Did you need something?"
"Breakfast will be ready in five minutes." He answered. 
"Oh, ok I'll be there, thanks." I tried saying, but Eren was down the hall and out of site before I could finish. My brothers are strange, but at least that makes them interesting. I can't say the same about me, there isn't much to me at all. I'm Celeste, and thats about it.
         I go back to my room and wipe myself down with the towel. I plastor on almost a whole container of deodorant before throwing on my school uniform. Farlwood High's uniform a standard blazer style. The pleated skirt went right to my knees and matched the grass green blazer jacket. Underneath was a white blouse and a grey neck bow. I suppose my most redeeming feature would be my hair. It was pitch black and fell to my hips in waves. My bangs were somewhat choppy and covered a majority of my face, which was how I liked it. I quickly ran a brush through it and ran out of my room and into the kitchen. 
"Is the older one still in the bathroom?" My mother asks while setting up my part of the table. 
"Yeah. I' ll brush my teeth after I eat." I answer while taking my place at the table. Eren and my father are already seated at the table and halfway through their meals. My father has a serious looking face which could not be concealed by his glasses. Judging by his suit he was going to work today. My father is a common businessman who tends to go away on business trips while my mother stays home as a housewife.  
      I start on my eggs, making sure I keep my on the clock. At least I try too, until I am distracted by a whimpering at my feet. Storm, our corgi, was batting at my foot in hopes that that I would give him some of my meal. He's smart enough to know that I am not the only one who can't possibly say no to him. Looking around to check if anyone is watching me, I drop a small piece of sausage under the table to storms delight. 
"You shouldn't spoil him like that." Eren scolds, not even bothering to look my way. 
The only response I could come up with was a awkward laugh as I finished my meal. Caleb walks into the room shirtless in his uniform pants. He opened the fridge and grabs the milk carton, pouring it into a very large glass. 
"Don't you have baseball practice this morning?" Dad asks looking over towards the clock. 
"Yeah, but I'm sore from yesterdays practice. What's the harm in missing one day of practice?" Caleb answers before he chugged his milk in one sitting. 
"Its fine to miss one or two." Starts my mom. "But this is the fifth time this season. Why join a sport if you are rarely going to attend the practices?" 
"I don't need to practice, I'm naturally a pro athlete." He replied flexing his arm muscles. Cocky as always, I wonder why his team still puts up with him. After my last bite I run to the bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth. I run my fingers through my hair trying to style it, although I know that the second I step outside the wind will mess it up again. I head back to my room to get my socks and bag when I am pleasantly surprised by a familiar voice.
"Hey Cel! Can I borrow your history notes? I forgot there was a test today. If I fail again I will be imprisoned to my room for all eternity." Right across from my window was Effies. We met about six years ago when she first moved to the apartment across from mine. I left my window open while I was reading a book series I really liked, when she called out to me saying that she liked it too. Since then we have been great friends.
"You say the same thing every test. Maybe if you took your own notes you wouldn't have this problem." I teased tossing her my notebook through the window. 
"But when else will I have time to not pay attention?" She retorted with a huge smile on her face. Effie has always been an interesting character, personality and appearance wise. Her hair was a cotton candy blue, but you can tell from her roots that her natural hair color was black like mine. It was styled into a large bun on the top of her head, being held together by a pin with a pink flower on it. 
"Do you wanna head to the arcade before school? The UFO catchers stocked up on plushies!" She sang bouncing up and down excitedly on her bed. 
"Don't you have an entire chapter to memorize?" 
"That's what all the other classes are for, duh. I'll meet you outside in a few minutes!" She may seem like a slacker, and for the most part she is, but surprisingly she is in the top 20% of students in the school. It is a mystery how she does it. 
        Quickly I pull on my socks and grab my bag rushing out of the room. "Seeya later!" I yell as I jumped into my shoes and went out the door without waiting for a response. Instead of using the elevator, I run down the stairs which tends to be faster since I live only live on the third floor. When the front doors open I am hit hit with a gust of wind, blowing my hair all over the place. 
"You know if you tied your hair up that wouldn't happen all the time." Effie sighed while helping me hold down my hair. 
"I don't know, I look weird when my hair isn't like this." I shrugged while combing my hand through my hair. 
"Yeah you wouldn't want to show anyone your pretty face would you? Come on! I have a hairstyle I thought would look good on you for a while now. Please!" She begs already pulling two hair ties out of her skirt pockets. I wanted to protest but I know from past experiences that it is impossible to argue with her. I nodded slowly with a defeated sigh as she made her way behind me. 
       There was an uncomfortable silence for a few minutes, at least it was for me until I hear "I'm done!" Spinning around I look into Effie's pocket mirror to see what she did. My hair was pulled into two braids in the back of my head with some shorter parts of my hair pointing out. My bangs were pulled to the side of my face but I shake my head to let them fall back into place. 
"I don't hate this." Was the nicest response I could come up with in such short notice. 
"You look great, stop being such a downer" She pouted grabbing my arm. " Now come on! I heard the new plushies looks like moogles!"
"I have no idea what those are, but ok." I nodded, adjusting myself so my arm could loop around hers. If I could have anything, it would definitely be Effies seemingly endless amount of energy. She finds entertainment in practically everything. She even finds it in someone like me. 
Kingdom Hearts Celeste Edition Prologue by Katelynofhearts
Kingdom Hearts Celeste Edition Prologue
Am I dreaming?
I feel as though I'm falling,and there doesn't seem to be a end. Darkness is everywhere and there seems to be nowhere to escape. Where am I? How did I get here?
It doesn't take long for my feet to reach a ground and I am blinded by a light coming from below me. When the light seems to be less intense I open my eyes to look around. 
Below me is a beautifully crafted mosaic. Upon further inspection, I can make out a spiky haired boy surrounded by the faces of others. Other than the light coming from the platform I was surrounded in darkness. 

Step forth, one who was chosen to wield the key. 

A voice cam from what seemed to be everywhere, and yet I had no idea what it was talking about. Not having any other options, I walked forward into a beam of light coming from above. 

With this key, you have the power to battle the darkness. Take it and become a keyblade wielder. 

In front of me appeared a key, but much different. It was long with a hilt which made it more blade-like than key-like.Although I still had no idea what was going on, my hand seemed to instinctively grab the hilt and pull the weapon closer to me. I have never been fond of weapons, however I felt a real connection to it. 

You will have to undergo many challenges on your journey, but do not be afraid. 

Challenges? What does that mean? I spin around startled by strange noised coming from behind me. Shadows seemed to jump out of the ground and become living beings. 
"What the-" I started, but was interrupted when one of the shadow creatures charged me and slammed into my side. I cried out and jumped back. What are these things? Why are they attacking me? I turned to run but discovered the circular platform I was on had a very steep drop. There was no other option but to fight. Nervously, I took my weapon and shakily grasped it in two hands. Another shadow charged me, but before it could land a hit I swung the blade sideways, striking it and causing to disappear with a poof. That wasnt that difficult, I thought to myself raising my confidence. It didn't take long for me to get rid of the other creatures, but I quickly became out of breath.

Dont be afraid. 

The voice repeated itself giving me an uneasy feeling. I look around and realized my shadow seemed off. It grew bigger and bigger until it walked off the ground becoming real,exactly as the other creatures did. I can't fight this. I fell on my rear end when my legs gave way and began to move backwards.

Dont be afraid.

The shadow stepped towards me causing the ground to shake with each step, urging me to move faster. I can;t fight it, this thing would crush me. During my haste I was late to notice I have reached the end of the platform. Quickly I dropped my weapon and grabbed onto the side staring up at my shadow, gazing back at me raising its fist. 

Dont be afraid.

I can't do this. I'm afraid. That was the last thing I thought before the hand slammed into me, and everything faded to black. 
Gray Fullbuster X Reader Frozen Mind part 3 by Katelynofhearts
Gray Fullbuster X Reader Frozen Mind part 3
So If your wondering why the story is in the comic, the reason is because my deviant art is full on stupid. 
Also the picture is a screenshot from the show so all rights reserved. 
Thank you so much for reading and thank you for allowing me to write your love story. 

The second kiss was much different than the first. The first kiss had more pressure and confusion, but this time only _____ was confused when Gray decided to kiss her. When they pulled apart Gray stood back eyeing _____ carefully.

“H-hey” _______ started clearly taken back. “ Why did you do that?”

Before ______ was even able to finish, Gray used his magic to Ice Make a spear and began come towards ______ .

“What are you doing!? Stop it!” ______ yelled throwing her arms up to protect herself. Instinctively, ______ held both her hands up and could feel a sort of power surging within her, before she knew it, she Ice Made a spear. “What the…. I did it again?” She said examining the spear in her hand. When she noticed Gray stepping towards her, fearful of his intentions she pointed the sharp end of the spear in his direction. “Get back!”

“Calm down calm down” He repeated Putting his spear away. “I never planned to hurt you, I was just testing a theory out.”

“A theory? “ _____ asked still keeping her guard up. “You scared me!”

“That was the point, you should be thanking me because I know what kind of magic you use now.” He said leaning on the wall across the room. “ Borrowing Magic”

“Borrowing Magic? What is that?”

“Its A lost magic that not many have heard about. A long time ago I used to be told stories about people with this kind of magic. For the most part, they were unstoppable. Its when you take some of someone elses magic and use it for a period of time. With this comes the memory to actually perform these moves. Its only temporary however.” He said pointing to the ice make spear “ You know, it's kind of rude, I spend all these years bustin my ass trying to learn how to do that, and here is some girl who just found out magic exists a few minutes ago and uses it just as well. “

“Borrowing magic….” ______ repeated still rather unsure to what that was. “Wait so, how did I take your magic?”

Grays only reply was a smirk and tapped his lips with her fingers.

“Wait, I learn magic by…” ______ blushed “Kissing?”

Gray chuckled “it's a small price to pay, I mean think about it, get all cozy with a powerful wizard and BAM you're a powerful one too! Well for a short time anyway. “

“I would never do that!” ______ exclaimed angrily.

Raising an eye Gray said “ Well I suppose since you lost your memory, if you do have a boyfriend or something you don't remember him. That means your main source of power is gone, without anyone to kiss, your powerless.”

______blushed deeper every time Gray said the word kiss. “its not like I was planning to hurt any of you anyway. I would never do that, I mean you are all so kind to me….”

After that there was a kind of awkward silence while ______ looked down at the ground wondering what was going to happen next. It was around this time when the spear in her hand began to fade away,taking the knowledge of how to use it along with it. Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt a cool hand rest on her head.

“You know… you're kinda cool.” He smiled ruffling her hair. “Here, you can stay here as long as you like, and if you need to do any sort of fighting just come to me.” he smiled while pointing to himself.

“Wait, are you saying your going to…” ______ started trying to mutter out the next words before Gray started laughing. “Come to me and I will fight for you, jeez what you did you think I was offering?” He asked with a smirk.

“I wasn't thinking anything!” _____ pouted.

Gray laughed and started to leave the room. “You should get some sleep, today was probably tiring for you. If you need anything like a blanket, meal or just a cool guy to lean on feel free to call for me.” And with a wave he shut the door leaving _____ alone in the room.

_____ jumped onto the bed gripping the sheets tightly with both anger, and embarrassment. “He just does whatever he wants… doesn't he” she muttered to herself before falling asleep.

_____ awoke when the light streaming in from the window hit her eyes. Still tired she turned trying to escape the light.

“Mornin” She heard say right in front of her. Huh?

_____ opened her eyes and say an all too familiar chest only a few inches from her face. Startled she let out a yell and threw herself upward using her hands to cover her face. “What are you doing?”

“Hey! Thats rude!” Gray replied bringing one hand up to cover his ear. “I even went to the trouble of bringing you breakfast, and what do you do? Scream at me. Way to be grateful.” He grumbled setting a tray down on the stand near the bed. It wasn't much. There was a slice of toast with some slightly burnt eggs splattered on top of it. Even so, _____ was so hungry she wolfed it down. “Thanks”

“Yeah yeah” He replied going to sit at the end of the bed. “I don’t normally cook so I hope it turned out ok.”

“Wait, you cooked this?” _____ asked finishing the last of the eggs.

“Well Mira isnt here yet and I figured you would be hungry when you woke up, so I whipped somethan up. So how is it?” Gray asked looking over at _____ expectantly.

“It’s…… good” ______ said suddenly embarrassed. She broke the eye contact to get a large gulp of water from the cup. _____ inhaled while drinking and went into a coughing fit.

“Hey hey what's the rush?” Gray asks scooting closer to _____. “Your a weird one you know that?” When _____’s only response was more coughing Gray began to rub her back soothingly.

Once the fit ended _____ looked at Gray, now more embarrassed than before since she made a fool of herself. “Sorry for being weird….”

“Hey know what? I like weird.” Gray laughed still rubbing _____ on the back.

You're the weird one…… was all ______ could think off.

Lol, thanks to OokamiAikouka  I've been tagged! Thanks, you are a great friend! <3

RULES made by another DA Artist, and not me!
1. You have to post these rules if you do this.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
6. No tag-backs.
7. You can't say that you don't do tags.
8. You MUST make a journal entry!

Questions asked of me:

1. Favorite fruit?
Did you know banana's actually classify as a fruit? Thats not my answer though I like cherrys
2. What music do you listen to most? (Can be artists/bands/genres/etc)
I would say soundtracks. I like the kingdom heart soundtrack, the atelier series soundtrack, and recently I got into the Tale of Princess Kaguya soundtrack
3. Do you know your personality type, and if so what is it?
Probably Hyper. 
4. Do you wear scarves? If so do you have a favorite or favorite type?
I dunno scarves are scarey man. Anyone can strangle you and its already around your neck. I usually tie them around my waist as belts and I like blue ones. 
5. Favorite sweet/candy/dessert?
Ohmygodcandy yes nice  I love candy soooo much. my current favorite has to be the cookie dough coffee from Dunkin.
6. Favorite gif or meme?
I could give two F*cks! (Markiplier chat icon WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? (Markiplier reaction icon) Squeal Shrek is love Shrek is life Purple Guy Cat Lick Icon Icon 42 markiplier noooooo icon vroom Animal Icon - 002 Bunny Black R Icon 22 markiplier did i wanna go over there!? icon Mirai Pout Element Animation Mustache Guy Bunny Drought 16 pokemon gif sylveon Icon 37 most of them

7. What is the most adorable and/or funniest video you have ever seen?
I think one of the funniest videos I have seen is the stevelkardell (or whatever) one where he goes on chatroulette and sings and dances in bikinis 
8. Have you ever been out of the country? If so, where?
Montreal. The food was good but it was a educational trip so I didn't really enjoy it. 
9. Tell me about the contents of your fridge....xD *running out of things to ask*
My fridge? Alot of stuff. I have aton of coffee, and noodles, and dumplings, and -------- is this suppose to be black?
10. Now describe your room, or if you feel uncomfortable with that, talk about your school or job.
No I am very uncomfortable with all of those.
Just kidding my room is the equivalent of harry potters closet and I have filled it to the max with crap I buy at convention. I no longer have any room to live in there. 

Ten Facts About Me:

1. I think Lyndas hair is totally black she is crazyballz
2. I ve lost around 50 lds and now I am a normal weight for an american woman however the economy says otherwise
3. My mom thinks I made out with my television 
4. I played my new dating sim for 5 hours straight (DUUUDE I FOUND THINGS FOR THE DATING SIM) Icon 99 Icon 98 Icon 95 Icon 98 Icon 61 Icon 97 
5. Im really picky about who my boyfriend is because I now have anime standards apparently
6. I think of my fanfictions usually while im sitting in bed at like 2 in the morning and I am like "I like this man... this should happen"
8. I really hate driving, everyone on the rode are idiots 
9. I really love romance animes however if I fall for the main guy I will usually hate the main character and hope for her downfall
10. I dont have problems. 

People I tag: (not 10, but I don't mind)

OokamiAikouka (dude if you break the 10 people rule then i ll break the no tag back rule ) uhhhh I have no idea who else to tag soooo i ll just pretend I tagged everyone I know. 

Questions for you: (feel free to answer these in the comments if I haven't tagged you)

1. Do you have any guilty pleasures?
2. Have you ever pulled a prank successfully?
3. Do you have a favorite anime?
4. Tell me about your first crush
5. What would you name your kid if It was a girl?
6. What if it was a boy?
7. What would you do if it came out an ALIEN!?
8. How do you feel about me?
9. Favorite flower? And what does it mean?
10. IF YOU COULD DO ANYTHING WITH ANY ANIME CHARACTER what would you do and who would you do it with.

There I did it

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