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Fay Casual wear by Katelynofhearts
Fay Casual wear
Other than her show outfits she dosnt normally wear anything else. But if she has to dress casually it would be this. 
I Used Gimp 2 and Paint to make this.
I used bases I found surfing around googles as references to make the poses. The rest is all me. 
Gray Fullbuster X Reader Frozen Mind part 2 by Katelynofhearts
Gray Fullbuster X Reader Frozen Mind part 2
Hello again! 
So If your wondering why the story is in the comic, the reason is because my deviant art is full on stupid. 
Thank you so much for reading and thank you for allowing me to write your love story. 

“uh ah uhm…” Lucy stuttered not really knowing what to do or say in this situation, all the others reacted pretty much the same way.

The kiss only lasted a couple of seconds, however for the two of them it seemed to go on for much longer. At last when they pulled apart they could not break their eye contact, staring deeply at each other.

“I'm...uh…. well Im really sor-” Gray started before he was interrupted by a swift kick in the groin from the fiery redhead Erza.

“JEEZ it isn't like I meant to! Im sorry Im sorry ok!?” Gray cried apologizing more to Erza than he was to _____.

______ put her hands up to cover her mouth embarrassed and still processing what just happened.

“You alright?” Lucy asked. _____ nods still dazed. “Don’t worry I’ll protect you from that pervert!” Lucy declared hugging ______ tightly.

“ Haha you know her for a few minutes and you're already on her bad side, you're soooo lame man” Natsu teases.

“ It was an accident” Gray exclaimed blushing. “ So shut up!” He yelled after creating a ball of ice and throwing it at Natsu.

“ Hey dude! Thats wasn't even called for!? That wasnt even a snow ball that was just straight up ice!” Natsu Threw a fireball at Gray which was dodged.

“It was definitely called for! You stupid Idiot!” Gray exclaimed throwing yet another ball of ice. The rest of the argument seemed to flow that same way for quite a while with Lucy yelling at them to calm down and Wendy silently begging them to calm down.

“Uh…” _____ started not wanted them to argue over the accident. “Im fine, I dont mind please stop!” ______ yelled throwing her arms up as a means of telling them to stop, but I did something else instead. When _____ threw up her arms in protest a magic circle appeared shooting out a ball of Ice. “wha-----”

“What was that? Ice?” Natsu exclaimed.

“So you're a Ice Magic user? That looked exactly like what Gray uses. “ Erza questioned.

“AWWW man not another one!” Natsu exclaimed clearly pissed off.

“How did you learn how to do that?” Gray asked.

______ shrugged. “I don't remember a thing. I dont even know how I did that just now. “ _____ studied her hands quizzically.

Lucy took _____’s hand and smiled. “Guys lets save the questions for a later time. She doesn't know any more than we do. We might as well give her a break and show her around for a bit. Does that sound alright?”

“Oh! Yeah sure.” ______ nodded.

The next few hours consisted of being shown around the guild as well as some of the town. _____ met most of the guild members and learned how a guild worked. The whole time however one person was utterly silent. Gray was staring at _____ the whole time, thinking of who knows what.

“Well anything else we can save till tomorrow” Lucy said clapping her hands together. “You can stay at my place _____. Dont worry I am prepared for visitors at all times.” She said as she glared at her group of friends. Before _____ had a chance to reply another voice boomed ahead.

“She will be staying here.” an older voice stated clearly.

“Makarov!” Exclaimed Erza. “What do you mean by that?”

“We have no idea who she is or where she is from, do you not find that the least bit threatening you fools.” Makarov said shaking his head. “For all you know she is from a Dark Guild and being sent here on a assasination job.”

______ shook her head vigorously. She did not even know what a dark guild was.

“Oh come on, she lost her memory stop scaring her.” Lucy said.

“And she is an ice make wizard like Gray is!” Natsu exclaimed.

“Is she now?” Makarov raised his eyebrow questioningly. “Show me.”

“Uh…. ok?” _____ barely remembered how she did it the first time, it just seemed to happen naturally. She looked around at everyone staring at her expectantly. The stare from gray made her blush madly and turn away.

_____ put her hands in the same position she had before and thought very hard about creating another ice ball. Minutes passed and nothing happened. “I’m sorry.” Was all she could say.

“But you did it so easily before.” Wendy said.

“I don’t exactly know what I did.” ______ responded.

“It is decided then, she will stay in the guild under surveillance. Right now she is neither friend nor foe. I would like you all to take turns and not leave her out of your site for the next few days until her determine her true identity.” Makarov looked at ______ with intensity. “Gray, you will start.”Then he was gone.

Why is it him first? ______ thought as she looked over at Gray.

“Sorry about this _____” Lucy said sadly.

“Master is just overprotective of us you know? We have had quuuuiteeee a few times where the guid has been destroyed and we are trying to be more careful. “ Natsu said rubbing the back of his head.

“I swear Gray” Erza stated. “If you touch a hair on that girls head for the wrong reason I will personally neuter you myself.”

“Uhhh…. alright.” Gray nodded looking scared. “Anyway ______ lets go, there are some guest rooms”

Blushing ______ nodded and followed Gray up the stairs to the small guest rooms.

“Sorry it isn't all that nice. This room is used for many different things but it isn't suppose to be someones room.”

“Oh don’t worry its fine.” ______ said plopping down on the lumpy bed. “It is far better than nothing.”

Gray said nothing and simply stared intently at ______.

Uncomfortable and blushing _____ tried to talk. “Uhm….. uh….. Gray… did you need….” she started before Gray came towards her and grabbed her arm. “Let me try something…” He said before he pulled her close and brought her into a kiss.

Fay Christmas performance by Katelynofhearts
Fay Christmas performance
I found the background on google for some kind of Christmas card and I drew Fay with the Paint program and slight editing from paint. Please come and see her!
Coffee Milk Fay Application by Katelynofhearts
Coffee Milk Fay Application
Made with paint with some editing with gimp. I m sorry if it looks blocky because of that but I am rather proud :D

Name: Fay Aricel
Stage name: Feather
Age: 17
Birthday: April 14
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9
Occupation: Performs side shows  show off her flexibility and balance (Balancing on 6 balls at once, contorting herself into shapes likes pretzels). She is also qualified to babysit.
Dorm: Coffee Milk

Personality: She is very peppy and excitable, it does not take much to make her smile. Very energetic and quirky.  

Voice:… ( couldn't find one I like that's not a song. She dosent really sing, but this may is how I would imagine it. Cause it sounds like her actual voice)

- Monkeys
- Meat (the kind you eat)
- Swinging on trapeze
- sleeping
- jokes

- Documentaries
- Horrors
- humorless people
- Jerkwads

Bio: Ever since she was a kid she was very energetic and happy. Her family didn't have much so she had to scrounge for food everywhere. She would often climb tall trees so she could get fruit that no one else could reach. She lived in a tiny house with her mom, dad and two other siblings. The family did not have much none of the children could even attend school , but they had enough to keep themselves alive and they were happy for it. When Fay was nine she returned home after a day of gathering to find that her family was no longer there. Fay traveled as far as she could searching for her missing family, but she never found them. When she came to the orphanage she was very depressed for the longest time before she was able to try the trapeze. She instantly fell in love with the feeling and practiced to become better and better. Her deepest hope is to become so amazing that she can join a top class circus and travel the world, possibly finding her family along the way.
Gray FullbusterXReader Frozen Mind Part 1 by Katelynofhearts
Gray FullbusterXReader Frozen Mind Part 1
Does this work :D No it didnt. My DA or computers are all turd that wont let me download the actual typed file. Sorry for posting int in the description  :(
Ok so I have been having fantasy's about this for the longest time and I know this will be a favorite of mine.

Thank you so much for reading, I am so happy to be able to write out your love story.

“Is she alright?” A voice called from the distance.
“Well she seems to be breathing” another voice whose voice was not recognized.
“It’s been awhile, but I don't really wanna leave her her like this..” A strangely high pitched voice said.
“Hey.” Said a smooth, more calming voice from the others “Wake up already.” The words seemed to pull her from the darkness that she felt trapped inside of.
_____ opened her eyes groaning. At first she couldn't see anything, the sun through the window blinded her eyes as soon as they were opened. While she tried to adjust them, she felt a warm hand on her back.
“Good morning” the female voice said kindly. “Are you feeling alright?” She asked.
Finally able to see _____ looks around the room she was in. It seemed to be some kind of infirmary. Around her was a group of some strange looking people she didn't recall ever knowing.
“where is this” _____ asks the blonde girl who had her hand on her back, assisting her with sitting up.
“This is the Fairy Tail infirmary.” Said another girl with long red hair and seemed to be very composed and poised.
“Fairy Tail?” _____ asks “What is Fairy Tail?”
“Its only one of the best guild on the face of the PLANET” Exclaims and guy with spiky pink hair, who also seemed to be having a hard time sitting still and was bouncing up and down.
“Aye! We’re a wizarding guild who helps people!” Yelled a blue cat in unison with the pink haired guy. Wait a second. Talking cat? Is that normal?
_____ spends quite some time staring at the blue cat unsure why this was so strange.
“Um, are you alright.” Said another guy from behind you.
“Yeah… I just have a feeling this isnt right somehow.” _____ replies. Not yet looking at him.
“Um, ok? I think you may be the one who isn't right.” With this, _____ turns around and sees…. chest, and abs, lots and lots of bare skin right in front of her face.
“AHH” _____ exclaims throwing herself backwards and almost falling out of the bed she was in.
“What's with her?” The half naked guy asks.
“Your the problem. Pervert!” Exclaimed the girl with the blonde hair.
Now that you calmed down, you got a good look at this so called “pervert”. He was rather tall, and well, very handsome. He was very well built, with some scars that seemed to pop out, but not at all in a bad way. His hair was black and rather spiky, his expression, really didn't say much. However his eyes were a whole other story. When _____ looked into his eyes, she felt chills traveling down her back. The strangest part was that for how cold his eyes looked, you somehow felt very warm on the inside.
“Who are you guys?” _____ asks one she was finally able to settle down. After a few minutes _____ was finally able to learn all of their names. Lucy was the blonde one who patted her on the back, Erza was the strong redhead, Natsu was the childlike guy in the chair, Wendy was the one who remained silent this whole time, so she pretty much went unnoticed, happy is the floating blue cat who does seems to share the same amount of intelligence with his partner Natsu. And finally, the “pervert” was Gray. She never found a color so attractive before.
“And who might you be?” Erza asked with a smile on her face.
“Oh my name is……. ______” ______ replied. Strange, It took her a minute to remember her own name.
“Where are you from” Lucy asks.
“Well I came from….. well…. over….. “ _____ pauses for a while to think why the others wait patiently. “Strange I can't remember”
“Not surprised” Said Gray with a bit of a laugh. “ You hit your head pretty hard.”
“My head?” _____ asks, unsure of what he means. _____ lifts her hand up to touch her hand and feels a bandage that has been thoroughly wrapped around the top of it. “My head?” She repeated.
“You kinda fell” Said Lucy as she pats _____’s hand. “It was so strange, we didn't even know where you fell from, it just kinda, happened.”
“I promise, I would have caught you if I could of, and I only laughed a little bit” Natsu said. _____ was unsure to whether or not he was joking. The only response Natsu received was a swift punch to the head from Lucy.
“At least you remember your name… so Im guessing you don't remember anyone? Family? Friends?” Grey asked. _____ shook her head, she could remember her name, however everything else just seemed to be extremely fuzzy, she knew the memories were there, but she could not simply make them out.
“She can stay here and join fairy tail until she remembers or someone comes to find her.” Natsu offers.
“If you want you can stay at my house!” Lucy cheerfully exclaims. “Don’t worry I have plenty of room!”
“Fairy Tail? Wizards, Im pretty sure I dont have any sort of magical abilities.” _____ said.
“Are you sure? I find it hard to believe a girl who just fell out of the sky has no magical abilities” Grey responded. “You probably just don't remember how to use them. Transportation magic maybe?” Gray asked coming closer to _____ face to get a better look.
With Gray this close it was hard for _____ not to blush. “Are you feeling ok?” He asked putting a hand on her head.
“Yeah…….. ok” ______ responded with a complete loss for words.
“Well magic or no magic Im sure she can still be a great member of Fairy Tail! I like her already!” Natsu explained patting _____ on the back rather hard pushing her forward.
“AYE!” Happy exclaimed! Everyone else in the room was silent however, because there on the bed was Gray and ______ with their lips pressed together.

YES the reader does have powers, and you ll have to wait for part 2 in order to see what your magic is, and how it brings you and Gray together ;)
So I decided after the Sasuke X reader fanfictions, I wanted to make another, not another Sasuke one of course. Some people seemed to really like it and hey, I am feeling creative. So If anyone see's this feel free to suggest a few characters. If I dont know the ones you suggest I will try to get info on as much of the show and character as I can. Thank you for allowing me to write your love story.

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